Best Crane Manufacturer
Best Crane Manufacturer

Best Crane Manufacturer in India

Santek Equipments Pvt. Ltd. It is an industrial business group founded in 1995. Our main activity is the manufacture of hoists, crane and crane components and material handling equipment. We managed to give our customers solutions; we build each crane with quality material and always use the latest and advanced technology .


Santek being best crane manufacturers, build special hydraulic cranes and custom robotic arms, aerial platforms, baskets truck, crane accessories and turnkey projects for such dynamic sectors such as automotive, construction, transportation, utilities, rail and marine sector, forestry companies and environmental chatterers, municipalities, administration, army, navy, Oceanographic vessels, tugs etc. Our engineering department  work using the most advanced technology in the most traditional way to improve our projects constantly, to get the best results and share them with our customers. We work with the designs created by our own and have a record of over 500 global patents.


If something can highlight  our crane manufacturers it is  perfect operation over time. In our workshop we build each crane like the first; our repairing service take care of each and every thing that can make our Cranes best of all . Our entire team works with perseverance and full dedication to give our customers solutions. The satisfaction of our customers is our main motivation and to continue creating and innovating. If you are looking for quality, reliability and safety, Santek always tries to produce best results for industries who are moving rapidly in their sectors.


We are Client- Oriented Company, which is engaged in offering various customized services to our clients. Santek manufactures

top-class range of industry's specific equipments that are available in different finishes and designs.  Our team is always available to assist you and always look for the best option.