How to Improve the Durability of the EOT Cranes

EOT cranes are electrically operated overhead cranes, and are the most common type of overhead cranes in India. Owing to their wide use and sturdy features they are very popular and are in high demand. There are different types of EOT cranes viz. Single Beam EOT cranes, Double Beam EOT cranes etc. These cranes are also in demand because they are durable, easy to maintain, and corrosion resistant.  Besides EOT cranes also save space and are multipurpose



They are also referred to as the bridge cranes and are used for heavy duty lifting of materials and machines; hence their use is more common in the industrial environments like foundry and machine shops etc. These cranes are installed in a way that they form a corresponding runway with travelling bridge spanning the gap. EOT cranes are electrically operated with help of control pendant, radio/IR remote control pendant or by an operator from his cabin that is attached with the crane itself.  EOT cranes are made of motor, gear boxes, brakes, brakes and electrical panel and have a unique design which enables them to carry loads as heavy as a 100 tons with ease.



The EOT manufacturers manufacture these cranes with an eye on usability and performance as they are used for lifting heavy loads.  To ensure that your EOT works for you efficiently and for a long time you should make sure that the operators install these cranes properly under supervision of an expert or a certified professional operator/technician/installer, preferably from manufacturer’s side; more so if it is new and is being installed for the first time. If installing happens as per instructions given my manufacturer buyer can expect a solid performance in the years to come and such cranes will not even incur repair cost and lead to downtime for the operators; majority of problems in performance surface owing to installation defects. 



Once EOT cranes are installed properly you should do a trial run in the presence of seller to avoid problems later. Once trial is carried out smoothly you know that you are operating the crane in the right manner. If you are doing something wrong the expert or technician present will guide you to do it right.



If you take care of your EOT cranes by learning to operate it and maintain it right, it will ensure that your machine takes care of your business in the years to come.


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